Plated Projects is a tight knit concept company that brings together quality dining, industry spanning expertise, team building, and community, into one award winning package.

► Properties

Plated Rrojects operates a growing group of locations within Arizona. Each concept is built with a distinct yet familiar core in mind. We love introducing our diners to new flavors, inspired twists on their favorite dishes, and creating an inviting environment..


Throughout the year we build and reinforce ties to a locale by being involved in private, civic, and charitable events

► Catering.

All of our concepts are designed to host or deliver an excellent, full service program that has served a broad list of clientele.


In addition to our restaurant interests, Plated Projects can extend its expertise to you from seed to start. Our services include concept and design, market feasibility, due diligence, food program building, employee training, and more. We are here to assist with all of your

management needs.


Brian Terpay, Timothy Pacatte, and brothers Ryan and Jared Field are childhood friends native to the great state of Arizona.

As long-time business partners this foursome bring to the table a cohesive set of skills, decades of individual experience, and the understanding necessary to succeed in this industry - 90% being the average failure rate of restaurants in the first year.​

We are always eager to develop new and exciting concepts. Plated Projects entertains independent offers and would love to hear about how our team can fit into your next signature project.

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Core Values

Plated Projects, a product of four lifelong friends, opened its first restaurant in 2008 and with one simple goal in mind;

a comfortable space we’d enjoy bringing our own friends and family to eat, drink and enjoy each others company.

On the outside, we continue in this same spirit by tailoring each new concept to meet the needs of the neighborhood it occupies. On the inside, every restaurant is supported by teams who have a desire to deliver based on company core values


To us, there is nothing more important than the relationships and bonds we have with our Plated Projects family. We expect our team to treat each other, guests, partners, vendors and personal family members with respect, compassion and love. You’ve got to have each other’s back.



We deliver our guests a memorable experience through consistent, genuine service which we go about this in three ways;

  1. Training to a higher standard of service and cleanliness

  2. Building teams who are committed to a superior product

  3. By creating an atmosphere where our guests focus good times with one another



From the very beginning quality at all levels of operation have been a driving force behind our success. We employ systems to ensure our quality standards are met and it starts with the basics; a clean and safe work environment paired with well prepared food and great service. Maintaining a sense of personal pride in how the business is run, at all levels, is key to all of our success.



We will act with unwavering integrity with every action we take. To us, integrity is doing what we know is right even when it is not expected and especially when it may be hard. With the understanding that nobody is perfect we will still hold ourselves and the team accountable. If things go sideways it is our obligation to do everything possible to set it right.



Our success is also deeply rooted in loyalty and commitment to all involved, be it guest, team or a partner. By adopting this commitment we cultivate a revolving system of profit, stable team employment, and loyal guests who continue the cycle through unwavering support of our efforts.