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Plated Projects Catering is your complete solution, backed by a seasoned reputation for excellence at every level.
Top to bottom, for events large and small, at your place or one of ours. We specialize in food that impresses and satisfies.
Send us your plan, or speak to an events manager.
A great neighborhood restaurant fit for every occasion.
  • Two private rooms

  • Large covered / open patio

  • Golf course access

  • Scenic views

One of Flagstaff's finest for provisions and traditions.
  • Hybrid bistro dining

  • High-end cocktails

  • Large wraparound bar

  • Open-air patio

Where Mediterranean chic meets the mountain air.
  • Dedicated "Parlor"

  • Flexible floor plan

  • Large wraparound bar

  • Open kitchen

Ultra-casual lounge shot through with colorful nostalgia.
  • Hip atmosphere

  • Semi-private nooks

  • Rooftop lounge

  • Downtown access

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